Amazon gets a domain .BOOK

US company Amazon, the world’s largest in terms of turnover among selling goods and services via the Internet, won the right to administer the new general top level domain .BOOK. As you know, this domain from the outset was one of the main priorities of the company on the domain market.

However, in the process of obtaining the rights to it Amazon faces serious competition. Domain .BOOK been submitted for a total of 9 applications, including, and from such major players in the IT-market, like Google and Donuts.

According to preliminary data, the right to a domain Amazon was closed at the end of the private auction bidders. The amount of the winning bid was not disclosed. Industry experts believe that victory cost the Amazon is not less than $ 5 million. The company recently introduced a new service Amazon Write On – through millions of users will be able to help their favorite authors to create books.

The idea of the service is to the reader by means of an immediate response to increase the popularity of the book and make it the most popular, not allowing to get into oblivion. Previously, Amazon has begun testing a service that will allow readers to rent an unlimited number of e-books.

Citizens of Ukraine became available 62 new domain newTLD, and over time, this list will grow. At the moment, Ukrainians can register their sites in areas .marketing, .academy, .technology, .company and many others.

For placing the site in the domain .club a year will have to pay 354 USD. In turn, web-portal in the area of user .diamonds will cost at least 852 UAH. For comparison, the .com and .net domains will cost 186 USD. per year.

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