How to choose a domain name

Your site-this is your tool to achieve this goal as soon as possible. The means by which your business is developing most successfully, and you quickly and with maximum efficiency to solve current problems. As the “face” of the site should be attractive and credible, as well his “name” should be easy to remember, beautifully written, and corresponds to the content.

Domain name – is the address of your website, which partners and potential customers will type in the address bar, on which they will move on to your website. Address or link – the first thing that people know about the site. Therefore, the domain name must match your site and contain one or two words written together or hyphenated, reflecting the essence, the direction of the site. It is recommended that the domain name is easy to remember and reproduce listening to his set did not arise difficulties. Imagine you being on a noisy street, on the phone dictating friend e very useful or interesting resource that it is certainly worth a visit. Imagine how you address it would be easier to dictate, but to write to your friend, not remembering the famous children’s game “broken telephone”?

It is not recommended to use the Cyrillic domains written in Russian letters. Link Cyrillic site, published in the social network or in a text document, looks ugly and repels annoying average citizen. For example, the link is displayed in the browser as “domen.rf / winter garden”.

Why do you need the extra complexity and the negative attitude of the visitors? Create once the domain of Latin letters and Cyrillic become useful when they stop to turn into gibberish.

A domain name has chosen words and the determinant of the zone, for example, .ru or .rf. But perhaps as good a phrase not only liked you? To verify the employment domain click on the link, then click “Check domain” and in a special box, enter the name of your preferred site. Click “check”. You will see a list of domains in the free zones with the price for each of them, as well as occupied zone.

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