Select your desired web host

If you can narrow the Hoster-choice and have settled on a preferred candidate, then look for user comments about him on the web. Find often criticism of your desire-Hoster? If the criticism some time ago or is it to current problems? How to evaluate the delivery time users of the website and how the customer when it hooked once? Above all the Hoster is already longer on the market.

Ask in with your circle after their experience hosters. But paying attention to the comparability: It will bring you nothing, when an acquaintance the fleet delivered his website praises, this is just a brochure site with some HTML and an image if you have a complex website with scripting and database functionality and photo galleries plan. So do not compare apples with pears.

Desirable shortest possible contract terms and notice periods – all-inclusive here is exemplary. If your host turns out to be unreliable, for example, because the site is often not available or the delivery times are yawning slowly, then you can give the jilted him at any time.

Prior is starting time to choose a new provider. With your new hoster then make a removal request for your domains, usually provide all forms ready for Hoster.

Ask for discounts if you pay for a greater period of time in advance. Sometimes you save much money compared to the monthly payment. But beware: Some hosters do not refund in case of cancellation by the customer in advance repaid posts.

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